Query: Progress

After the 'Continue' button is pressed, the system will start an automated pipeline for the generation of digests matching the user-specified query.

This process is quite time-consuming due to the analysis of a full corpus of PubMed abstracts and consists of 6 steps. The information about each step displays on the screen after it is completed. Once all steps are finished, the button will appear. The system will also show information about the user's identification number in the field. Such identification number allows direct access to the results, without the need for re-execution of the pipeline. Access to generated digests can be obtained by using the following link http://www-bionet.sscc.ru/and/digest/digest.php?uid=XXXX, where XXXX corresponds to the provided ID number. Pressing the button or typing the direct link into the address field of a browser allows visualizing the obtained results.

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