Query: Constructor

Query Constructor is the main page of ANDDigest; it allows the rapid generating of queries required for an automated formation of Digests (sets of text materials, shortly describing the field of interest, based on the PubMed data.)

For successful Digest formation, the user needs to include at least one object into the query with specification its type and name, except the 'Organism' type.

Query: Progress

After the 'Continue' button is pressed, the system will start an automated pipeline for the generation of digests matching the constructed query.

Visualizer: Digest

After pressing the 'Continue,' the user is redirected to a page containing a textual representation of the results in the table form, which corresponds to the 'Digests' item from the top menu, where each line of the table is a single digest from the reconstructed query.

Visualizer: Network

A graphical representation of objects, which type was specified in a query, can be accessed from the top menu via the 'NETWORK' link.

Visualizer: Filters

The representation of all objects, recognized in digests, in the form of a hierarchical tree, as well as various filters, can be accessed from the top menu, by pressing the 'FILTERS' link.

Visualizer: Save

ANDDigest allows the user saving the data, with taking into account the information about applied filters, in the 'JSON', 'CSV', or 'PDF' formats, also the associative network can be saved as an 'SVG' vector image.

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